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Wedding Photography

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Real Estate Photography

I am a professional portrait, family and Real Estate Photographer, based in Auckland.

I believe that when you book one of my sessions, you will leave with a full heart.  You will have had the best time of your life.  Where laughter, love, and comrade between you and your family will be captured to create beautiful and lasting memories through my lens.

I am captivated by creating interesting and dramatic light, using off camera lighting and I use this technique with all of my shoots as I feel each shoot deserves the best lighting at all times. I have at any given time at least one strobe light and associated gadgets with me and I get them out every chance I get.

I love creating and shaping light and solving all the problems associated with mixing flash with ambient light on location.  It is a skill not many photographers possess and allows me to capture vivid, beautiful images that are not otherwise possible with natural light photography.

I also love using beautiful bold colours not toned down except if the atmosphere is right for the shoot. You can expect vibrant beautiful popping colours with all my shoots!

Some of my work adhere to the principle of Chiaroscuro – the artistic distribution of light and dark in a picture and with strobes I can create near perfect light anywhere and in any situation and it allows me to create striking images in even the dullest and most difficult setting.

Creating beautiful memories is what I am all about!